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Cesar Nurkarim, or known as Cesar Allen, or rather called as Cesar is a video blogger since 2013 under the management of Layaria Network but later transferred to WebTV Asia in 2016, and right now he's currently active behind the scene as a digital content planner.

Cesar's video mainly talking about Pop Culture of Indonesia and gives his thoughts and analysis, in other time he is experimenting about subject that he had never done. 

Outside of internet career, he works as Public Relation Officer in one of Government Institution, helping to create and plan content about Indonesian language. Furthermore, He's also active in many organizations such as Project Anak Seni which he provides platform for community to showcase their art skill, and serving as The Head of Language Ambassador of DKI Jakarta under Badan Pengembangan dan Pembinaan Bahasa Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan supervision which he creates a lot of programs alongside his colleagues.

 If he still has free time, he would use his skill to work as freelance copywriter and translator, or sometimes moderator or master of ceremony in certain events.

Cesar uses many social media platforms for different purposes, on Youtube and Instagram he talks about social issues, the other platform that he uses is TikTok under the name of cesarallen to teach community about bahasa Indonesia.

Find Cesar:

Instagram: CesarAllen

TikTok: CesarAllen

Watch some of his notable videos:

Nickname : Cesar
Place of Birth : Jakarta
Date of Birth : October 16th 1995

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